June 17, 2019

What catches consumers eyes more ?

Text ?

Graphics ?

Video  ?

We all now know that video engagement has the biggest impact when it comes to social media, so why are so few businesses using the power of it, to create quick and simple videos which work so well.

Our creative d...

January 31, 2019

Research has shown that more and more people are doing online searches, doing their ‘homework’ before seeking services and products. Most consumers start doing online searches without knowing a company’s name or website address when needing a product.

A video conveys cl...

January 3, 2019

It can be hard to find a buyer willing to buy a large property worth almost a million. With an estate agent videos you can make buyers say yes sooner rather than later.At Hollogram, we offer a virtual tour service at an affordable price. With so many rooms and feature...

December 21, 2018

Training and Tutorial Videos can be used as a positive learning tool with no trainer present, or they can be a beneficial aid with a live trainer to enhance interactive training sessions.

Training and tutorial videos offer additional knowledge, leaving the viewer with...

November 16, 2018

More people are watching online videos than ever before.

Therefore, it is vital for companies to stay ahead of their competitors by finding new and creative ways to interact with customers.

Online video is one such way. Hollogram is a creative agency and we know how vid...

November 6, 2018

Hollogram got to film in style !! as they attended an exquisitely glamorous dining experience in the elegant, 1920′s interior of The Savoy Grill, owned by the one and only Gordon Ramsay.
Having already visited the Ritz, we at Hollogram are no stranger to glitz and glam...

October 12, 2018

Businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on websites as a means of attracting and maintaining customers. Unfortunately, what this seems to lack is a personal touch. When a customer’s only interaction with a business is made via the internet, the essential human c...

September 12, 2018

Need a new way to showcase your establishment and your amazing hospitality?

Whether you’re a Hotel, Restaurant, Bar or Pub, we have the perfect idea, video.</