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PHTM EXPO 2024 at Arena MK

Hollogram Ltd has established itself as the leading marketing agency within the taxi industry, known for its innovative and impactful marketing strategies. Our excellence in this niche market has been recognized through multiple prestigious marketing awards, highlighting our commitment to delivering unparalleled results for our clients.

A testament to our industry leadership is our selection as the official media partner for the PHTM Expo 2024, a premier event in the taxi industry calendar. This partnership underscores our prominence and expertise in the field. In the lead-up to the Expo, we produced compelling video content, including exclusive interviews with Expo sponsors and key speakers from the event's 11 seminars. This pre-show content generated significant buzz and anticipation, effectively setting the stage for a successful Expo.

During the PHTM Expo 2024, Hollogram Ltd's presence was felt throughout the event. We were responsible for creating dynamic video content for the giant screen within the exhibition hall, ensuring that attendees were constantly engaged with high-quality visuals and information. Our team also meticulously documented the entire Expo, capturing the essence of the event through comprehensive filming and photography. This included coverage of all exhibition stands and seminars, providing a complete visual record that highlighted the vibrancy and scale of the Expo.

Our involvement with the PHTM Expo 2024 demonstrates our capability to handle large-scale projects and deliver exceptional media content that resonates with audiences. Hollogram Ltd continues to set the standard in marketing within the taxi industry, driving innovation and excellence at every turn.

Phil Holloway, Hollogram's Marketing Director, toured the PHTM Expo 2024 exhibition stands, engaging with exhibitors in insightful interviews. He gathered their feedback on the event, exploring their experiences and thoughts. His interactions highlighted the show's vibrant atmosphere and the positive impact it had on the participants' businesses. Watch the videos below:

In the lead-up to the PHTM Expo 2024, Hollogram strategically crafted engaging video content to generate buzz and excitement. The marketing team, spearheaded by Phil Holloway, conducted exclusive interviews with key sponsors and featured speakers from the upcoming seminars. These videos offered sneak peeks into the innovative topics and products to be showcased, emphasizing the event's significance. By sharing these captivating previews on social media and their website, Hollogram successfully amplified anticipation and engagement. The content highlighted the event's unique value, encouraging attendees to participate and ensuring a highly anticipated and well-attended expo.


We can help YOUR taxi business get more customers

Promotional Video - About Your TAXI BUSINESS

A short video which helps showcase your business to customers....


While your customers are on their phones on social media, we can show them around your business in a quick engaging video just like this one we have done for AAA Taxis.

Promotional Video - Explain Your Views

TV Style Video Interviews are watchable...


We can film interviews with you, your staff and team on location like this to allow your customers to see behind the scenes and understand what it is you are offering them, like this one we have done for Take Me.

Promotional Video - Interview with YOU & your team
Promotional Video - APP DOWNLOADS

Let your customers tour around your via great video content


We know that most Taxi Businesses want people to call their number or it is more like getting customers to download your booking app. Video content can do that for you, like this one we have done for A1 Ace Taxis.

Driver Recruitment - Find New Staff

Use your social media to add taxi drivers to your fleet...


We know that at the moment just as important as finding customers is to find drivers so you can fulfill the workload. We can create content which helps get more staff for you. Using the power of video and your social media like this one we did for Stevenage Taxis.

Engaging Content - Make It FUN and Interesting

Video Content For your Social Media that informs and entertains customers...


We can create eye catching and fun videos which can make your business stand out from the crowd. This Lego animation created has been very succesful in getting more phone app downloads for Take Me. Would YOUR business benefit from some amazing video content?

Promotional Photography - Content Ready To Publish

LOCAL Branded Photography Ready To Use...


We come and take great photos to capture what you have to offer, and we will brand it with messages, links and logos to give it that professional look to help your social media content look great when customers see it online...


What can we do for you and how much does it cost ?

To get you more customers, more app downloads, more bookings, more phone calls, more drivers we offer the following services:

Social Media Marketing

Content Creation & Publishing

Website Design

Paid Social Media Advertising



Email eshots & Database Marketing

Graphic Design & Printing

Our  team can do everything you need, from creating amazing content to managing and publishing it for you every day. 

Sounds good... get in touch with us today and let us help you get more customers to book a taxi today !


We can't wait to hear from you


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