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We create & manage digital content that helps your business stand out from the crowd.

We help businesses tell their stories with clever thinking, amazing videography & photography with crisp copy that works.

Hollogram is a digital, creative agency that specialises in helping you connect and engage with your target market online, generating more interest, customers, and sales from your content.



We are a one stop creative marketing agency, we work with you and listen to what you need to achieve for your brand or business and we will create a bespoke solution for you, and then we will deliver it.


We have over 25 years industry experience working with businesses of all sizes from well known global brands to local businesses looking to make an impact. We work in marketing & branding, digital media and social media, exhibitions, retail interiors & point of sale.









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Hollogram specialise in producing original ideas that connects to YOUR audience. Our in house creative team can take your design brief and visualise the best ideas to WOW your customers. Our mission is to supply products and services for your business that improve and enhance the consumer purchasing process leading to sales growth of the right product for the right consumer. By the application of intelligence, knowledge and experience we seek to innovate and create new solutions for all of our client’s issues and problems relevant to marketing.

We have a great team who can work on your business marketing needs, with a brilliant mix of experience and fresh ideas in our studio. We feel this offers YOUR BUSINESS the right blend of skills to create and manage marketing campaigns and solutions.


Hollogram caters to a diverse array of clients spanning from nationally recognized brands to prominent local businesses in the East Midlands.


Irrespective of their scale, each client receives equitable treatment and access to our award-winning creative marketing concepts. Our commitment lies in empowering businesses with groundbreaking marketing strategies and compelling content that drives growth and amplifies revenue streams.


Whether national brands or local enterprises, we ensure parity in delivering innovative solutions that resonate, enabling them to thrive in their respective markets while harnessing our expertise to fuel their success and achieve their business objectives.



Our holistic approach includes a range of creative design services. We offer strategic led services as well as cost effective manufacture, supply and installation.  We believe that award winning design requires a balance of brand values against the practical needs of product, environment and the customer. Our broad selection of design services cover all aspects of marketing from developing point of purchase displays and store development. From interactive touch screen displays through to store development, our creative team are ready to apply their retail design knowledge to design and deliver your goals.

Our Creative Director is Phil Holloway, who has been working in the industry since 1995 and would be delighted to discuss your next design project. We have an amazing team of creative individuals who can help you with your businesses marketing needs. From exhibition designers, video producers, presenters right through to the production and manufacturing skills which are needed to deliver your solutions.

From Digital Marketing to Retail Interiors to Experiential Instagramable Areas... We can work on all your creative needs.

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