What is content creation?


There are no simple terms on what content is, content as a term is often used to refer to different things by different people, there are so many variants of content creation for you to explore and experiment. Some things you can do to create content could be creating videos, blogs, infographics, testimonials, paid ads, and influencers. Some marketers include social media posts under the ‘content’ umbrella due to the ability to cross share content between digital platforms and channels. Repurposing blog posts into social media graphics, for example, blurs the lines between social media marketing and content marketing.

Creating Written Content

Blogs are highly valuable to your audience and consumers. Evergreen is the most common type of blog, referring to articles that are not time-limited, and can stand the test of time with only minor updates for accuracy/relevance. People read blogs to be entertained. While people crave knowledge, they also like to be entertained. Each day, people might read blogs that tell interesting stories, make them laugh, or to gain knowledge on a certain topic. You want to have an idea on what you want to be reciprocated from your written content, although it might now eb the most visually pleasing as an Instagram post or YouTube video some people prefer to have the information they want where they can easily find it.

How to get the most out of written content

To start of it would be a good idea to know what you’re wanting to write about and why, then you can go onto planning an uploading schedule sort of like a content marketing matrix for you to follow. You’ll need to go in with an idea of your content marketing goals so that you know what KPIs to track for you content going forward.

Creating social media content

Some companies don’t use social media to market, they either don’t know the benefits of using it or it just doesn’t fit into there brand. Social media content is part of the ‘content’ umbrella, especially as repurposed written and visual content continues to be cross shared between digital channels. Modern social media marketing strategies are more engaging and bolder, part of the process is experimenting what works and what doesn’t, testing the water to see what appeals and brings in more of a wider audience to reach out to. If your stuck on where to start, for example if your business doesn’t use social media as a promotional tool or you’re a new business ready to get things up and running. To start you of thinking on where to start, conduct what market you are in are there any gaps in the market, once you have an idea on that do some competitor research finds out who you’re up against in your industry, are there business on the same level as you are? What are they doing that you’re not? What might they be doing that you could do better? All these things are going to give you the right mindset to start to develop the business you want. If you already are a business that uses social media as a form of promotional material and want to advance your social media strategies here are some tips that could be helpful for you, diversify your content making sure you add variation, repurpose your existing content to something new or update it if needs be whichever will be optimising your existing resources, and invest in social media advertising. When it comes to diversifying your content, it can be tricky to know what to post and when so go at it with an open mind.

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