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Seven Tips to Help Your Business Attract More Customers on Social Media

1. Before you begin to attempt to attempt customers you need to know who you are wanting to attract, knowing your audience is one of the most important things you need to be aware of when thinking about marketing strategies, who are they? Are the any common interests? Take some time to research into your target market and understand what they want, from you and your brand.

2. Encourage social reviews, the majority of people want to know what other people’s opinions are so they can trust your service/product. Make sure with every purchase or service offered you encourage people to leave a review even if it’s not the best review, it makes room for improvement.

3. Run a competition, everyone loves free stuff and discounts so this will bring more attention to your page. These kinds of things are good for social engagement and get more people talking about you.

4. Grow a social following is all well and good, however if you’re not actively incentivising them to visit your page to make a purchase or interact with you then you’re not getting the ideal outcome that you could have, making sure that you content is clear and has some sort of direct link to further engage.

5. You’ve no doubt seen a company offering discounts or samples or even trials, this is a great way to reach out to people who could test and try out what you’re offering. This is a great way to get a wider range of people sampling your product, if they like it they’ll come back for more. This also will help you gain reviews quicker and more efficiently.

6. Build a mailing list, by putting in a bit of effort into creating a mailing list, you’ll have an easy access to a large pool of people who may have questions, concerns and even recommendations which will highlight areas that haven’t come to light to you personally but have to other people from an outsider perspective.

7. Making use of user generated content will further your brand into the market, to reach new potential clients. By allowing your audience to generate their own content linked to your brand allows anyone to see it, user generated content is a customer that has published something that will benefit you. The more shares the post gets the more people see your name.

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