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Making Authentic Content For Social Media

Connecting with your audience

Another step to show authenticity is to collaborate with others through influencer marketing or sharing user-generated content. UGC is something that is very important to most businesses, so what is UGC? It stands for user generated content and its important because it gives customers a unique opportunity to participate in a brand's growth instead of being a spectator. This influences brand loyalty and affinity in a big way because people thrive off being part of something greater than themselves and creating UGC allows them to be part of a brand's community.

Influencer marketing, you are collaborating with someone else to show up and show their face on your behalf. If you form a long-term collaboration with a micro-influencer who is perfectly positioned in your niche, they can extend your authenticity to your now shared audience. When it comes to authenticity, teamwork is what makes the dream work!

Show who you are

A key factor in appearing authentic with your social media is to show up and show your face, After all, people are more likely to interact with other people.

If you’re a team, make sure your audience knows that, publish original images featuring your team members on social media, celebrate their achievements and promotions. Research has found that photos that feature faces are 38% more likely to receive likes and interactions.

Here is an example of an interview we did for a business that would work for showing who you are, (quite literally).

Be Honest

Making sure you are being transparent with you audience shows that you are being genuine and truthful, be honest with your audience. If you’ve made a mistake and you’re being called out for it, be clear and take responsibility for anything that was wrong, make public steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again. This will ensure customers loyalty towards you stays and you can be a business that is trusted.

Another way to show authenticity is creating behind the scenes content is another way to produce honest content that appears entirely real. Short video content is something that works really, a great platform for this could be tiktok or reels on Instagram.

What’s next?

Now you can look at your current strategy and consider how these tips can be implemented to help improve your brand’s authenticity. This is not to say that you need to change your wholes brand identity and meaning but to recognise where improvements can be made.

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