[Pictured - Original Design Concept – Exterior Visual by Hollogram]

The team at Hollogram Limited, based in Loughborough, have won the prestigious GOLD Award for Store Design of the Year at the 2022 POPAI Awards, which were held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, in London, on Tuesday October 4th. The Hollogram design team created the concept for the Everards retail store experience, Pilot Brewery and brewery tour at the amazing Everards Meadows complex near Fosse Park in Leicester.

[Pictured - Original Design Concept – Interior Visual by Hollogram] The design process started pre pandemic in 2019, which has seen Hollogram Creative Director Phil Holloway working closely with Erika Hardy, Operations Director- Marketing & Engagement at Everards of Leicestershire, and one of the key design concepts was to deliver a retail experience fit for the 2020’s but with a flavour of Everards heritage, who have been trading in Leicestershire since 1849.

[Pictured - Original Design Concept – Interior Visual by Hollogram]

Take a quick Video tour of the Everards Retail Experience with Hollogram Creative Director Phil Holloway…. [Watch here or click on the image] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qv80HMoaXA

The creative process saw an evolution of ideas, and design aesthetics, and a focus was to create a destination retail experience which would add to the growing set of locations on the Leicestershire Tourist Map. Visitors to the area can now visit The Space Centre, Richard III and now Everards Meadows.

[Pictured - Photo of the main till reception]

Erika Hardy from Everards responded to hearing about the Gold Award “Thanks to the Hollogram team, who designed and implemented the shop and helped us bring it to life, complete with Barrel Van! They steered us through the whole shop concept and were a delight to work with, so much so that we still work together in various ways today.” Erika went on to say “The POPAI Awards celebrate creativity, innovation and excellence in-store and throughout the shopper experience and we are thrilled that our shop has won this elite award!” Explaining further about the Everards expectations “We pride ourselves in stocking an exciting range of beer fresh from our brewery as well as lots of gins, wines, snacks and more from local suppliers and further afield to help our customers achieve a quality night in or the perfect gift.”

[Pictured - Photo of the Everards Retail Interior] Locals can walk across the picturesque Meadows Pastures to enjoy a meal or beer in the Everards Beer Hall and pick up a treat to take home from the retail space. Phil Holloway, Creative Director at Hollogram, said “Everards is all about heritage, but this was a real chance to look to the future. We have designed a retail experience which is at the forefront of retail design. A mix of contemporary materials, mixed with instagramable moments and digital content technology. We feel we have designed an ideal destination store for our client” Also, part of the design from Hollogram was the Everards Pilot Brewery which can be booked by the public to have a play at brewing your own brew! Everards themselves use the Pilot Brewery to test new concepts and experiment with creating some new concepts which are then trialled in the Beer Hall and if the customers like it, well then it can turn into the next big thing!

[Pictured - Photo of the Everards Retail Interior] Jake Holloway, Head of Creative Content at Hollogram, said of the project “We wanted to deliver a project which blended the latest technology in a contemporary way. The remote media digital screens and content we installed, allowed us to create content and publish it instantly, which with new brews from the pilot brewery on a regular basis we had to be flexible and fast with digital content”

[Pictured – The Hollogram Creative Team]

[Pictured - Photo of the Everards Retail Interior] One of the other main aims was to deliver a project with a focus on the local environment, so it was a strategic decision to have the project designed in Leicestershire, manufactured in the county and installed by local craftsmen… the whole retail project was delivered from teams within 20 miles of the Meadows location.

The Everards Retail Experience has gained some great reactions from customers, so it is now fantastic that at the national awards by POPAI the GOLD award was presented to the Hollogram Team

[Pictured from Left to Right – Host Comedian Marcus Brigstoke, Phil Holloway Creative Director at Hollogram, Sam Holloway, Head of Content Management, Jake Holloway, Head of Content Creation, and Award Sponsor.

Sam Holloway, Head of Content Publishing at Hollogram, told us “One of the key design aspects we wanted to incorporate into the spaces was a flavour of beer, and a flavour of Leicestershire, which you will see in the design and graphics we created”

2022 has been a great year for the growing team at Hollogram, who offering creative marketing for local and national businesses, having made the semi finals of Digital Business of The Year in the Niche Awards, and also being nominated for the Newcomer of the Year at the national taxi awards to be held in November in Liverpool.

For more information or interview please contact:

Phillip Holloway phil@hollogram.com mob - 07968 418 660

USEFUL Links Hollogram Website https://www.hollogram.com/

POPAI WEBSITE AWARDS SECTION https://www.popai.co.uk/awards/

Everards Brewery Retail Store https://www.everardsmeadows.co.uk/explore/everardsbrewery/visittheeverardsshop/

Everards Main Website https://www.everards.co.uk/ Video of Store https://youtu.be/2Qv80HMoaXA

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