2022 - We Can Make People Look At Your Socials

If you haven't already realised by now, social media is the single greatest marketing tool on the planet. You can reach thousands of people with a single post, and it doesn't cost anything but time to ensure that your posting is perfect at getting your businesses message across to your target audience. We know that for business owners it can be challenging to get social media right. And putting the time and effort into doing so can be almost impossible when you are up to your knees in other work. This is where you might be thinking to yourself *I just need someone else to do it*... At this stage you are most likely looking for someone to hire to do it, so that you don't have to. You will soon realise that starting wages for a social media marketer with qualifications will be in the realms of 18-22k starting wages which seems a lot of money for someone to just look after your social channels, and you don't want to get anyone unqualified as they won't be able to do exactly what you are looking for without some training.

Just to keep your eyes peeled, take a look at this 30 second advert we created for our own social media channels with the aim of gathering the attention of anyone looking down their own social media feed, with the hopes that they would then click onto our channels and furthermore our website:

Now you've looked at these options and none of them are seeming viable to you. Of course you want to make more money, and you know that social media is the way forward. You just dont want to be spending it on a fresh graduate with no work experience, and someone with more experience is looking at £30K + which isn't viable for you right now, as you don't understand the extent as to how much social media presence you need... This is where we (Hollogram) come into tuition. We have a team here of over 4 hard working individuals with our own office spaces, all the gear, technology, hardware and software. Our clients average spend on us annually is between £10k-15k, which if you remember the figures i told you earlier about a fresh graduate, is significantly lower... plus you get 4 of us working on your channels!

It seems a no brainer! You get 4 hard working, experienced marketers working on your social media channels for a lot less than 1 person plus you already know that what we provide for you will be top of the range. And if you want any changes, you know that with our team our turn around time to produce this for you is faster than any other.

Have a further look on our website. Or check out our social media channels including a show reel on YouTube to see exactly what we mean.

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