Video Interviews Increase Engagement

What catches consumers eyes more ?

Text ?

Graphics ?

Video ?

We all now know that video engagement has the biggest impact when it comes to social media, so why are so few businesses using the power of it, to create quick and simple videos which work so well.

Our creative director Phil Holloway chatted with Howard Sullivan about his presentation at the POPAI Retail Shopper Conference, and we produced a short and interesting video which has been now used across social media to help promote the event.

The information and interest that can be created via in this case a simple SKYPE video call, has a far further reach online than static graphic with copy.

So why are so few businesses using video still in 2019 ?

We offer marketing campaign ideas which we can deliver for you and this can include training and helping businesses to bring the skills in house if they want to for their long term marketing plans.

Alternatively HOLLOGRAM can create the content, publish it and manage your marketing needs, allowing YOU to focus on what you do best.... run your own business !

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