Training and Tutorial Videos can be used as a positive learning tool with no trainer present, or they can be a beneficial aid with a live trainer to enhance interactive training sessions.

Training and tutorial videos offer additional knowledge, leaving the viewer with a fresh perspective and having learnt something new because of a well-rounded view of the topic. For the viewer they can heighten awareness of the topic and what to do in a situation, and they can also give viewers an insight into the background of the company or product the video displays.

According to Forrester Research, employee engagement surveys state that employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles. This figure makes sense, because videos are visually stimulating and they engage viewers in a way that lectures and documents, even PowerPoint presentations rarely do. It holds a larger attention span and viewers will watch out of curiosity if nothing else.

Training and tutorial videos are consistent, especially for larger organisations. They deliver the same material every time and thus can be shown to a wider audience. This means training and tutorial videos are also a money saving option. Not using training and tutorial videos can hit an organisation’s budget because of the expense of getting your team in front of an audience.

Training and tutorial videos not only boost your training content, it improves your employees ability to remember the information for longer. Studies show that presentations which have visuals such as video on a slide with text, are 9% more effective.

Also did you know that readers are 21% more likely to act on an email when it includes a video? With the popularity of social media, training and tutorial videos can be shared, from blogs, social networks and YouTube libraries.

At Hollogram we produce tutorial videos, to help you present large amounts of information in a detailed condensed form, reducing confusion and questions that arise when written or spoken during a presentation.

We have produced long and detailed videos for an IP company, as seen at the top of the article, and have also produced short tutorial videos, as seen below. All of which inform the viewers in a positive and engaging way.


For more information, get in touch with a member of our team on 01509 410 365

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