Businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on websites as a means of attracting and maintaining customers. Unfortunately, what this seems to lack is a personal touch. When a customer’s only interaction with a business is made via the internet, the essential human connection is lost. Vox pop videos extend a business’ persona to it’s consumers by connecting human faces with the business and therefore interacts with the customer base.

As an creative agency, Hollogram understand how vox pop videos can work for you and your business.

Read on as we discuss the importance of vox pop videos for businesses.

WHAT IS A VOX POP VIDEO? The term ‘vox pop’ is derived from the "latin vox populi," meaning ‘voice of the people.’ Therefore, a vox pop video is a video created by a business or other organisation to share the views of members of the public. They provide a brief insight into public opinion on a certain topic set by the organisation. The topic is usually presented in the form of open-ended questions to avoid leading questions and ensure the respondent is able to share their opinion honestly. They are often used as a way for businesses to meet the customer and vice versa. Whereas the majority of online videos convey information from the business to the consumer, a vox pop video is an exchange of information between both parties.

THE BENEFITS OF VOX POP VIDEOS Vox pop videos can be hugely beneficial tools for any business. Online video content makes for an interesting website that can keep visitors for an average of two extra minutes. This is because it is interesting and memorable as opposed to large chunks of text that the majority of visitors to the site do not have the time to fully read. Vox pop videos are also attractive from the respondent’s point of view, giving them the opportunity to have their 15 minutes of fame through sharing their opinion with a large audience. This type of video also shows the respondent in their own environment and tells the viewer a lot more information about the person giving their opinion than written content often does, such as their gender and age. Technology-based methods also appeal to a younger audience, making them extremely beneficial for businesses who are targeted towards this demographic.

HOW CAN VOX POP VIDEOS BE USED? Vox pop videos are a versatile tool and can be used in a number of ways. They can be used as a market research tool for the business to find out more about how effective a product or service is and who is likely to use it. There’s no better way to find out what the public want from a business than to ask them directly! Not only can vox pop videos also provide the business with valuable information about their target audience or customer base, but they can be used as a tool for engaging existing and attracting new customers too. Whether this is by making a big statement by asking shocking questions or simply a strategic approach to attract customers from different demographics, vox pop videos can bring endless opportunities to any business. Above all, they bring a personal, human touch to an industry that is becoming consumed by technology. Putting a faces and ‘real people’ on a website reassures viewers that the business is friendly and that their opinion counts.


Hollogram are an affordable creative agency and we are waiting to help your business share the voice of the people. Get in touch with us today and we can help you create exciting vox pop videos for your business’ website.... call us on 01509 410 365 for a chat !

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