Research has shown that more and more people are doing online searches, doing their ‘homework’ before seeking services and products. Most consumers start doing online searches without knowing a company’s name or website address when needing a product.

A video conveys clear and simple information with verbal explanation and demonstration of a product. Videos add two more minutes on average to a visitor viewing your website on average to stay on the retail site and 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors, according to Comscore. Therefore, videos can boost profits for businesses.

We went out into town and asked local folk do they like video and watch them to find out about local businesses ? Watch and find out below...

Publishing videos will contribute towards an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign, which ultimately drive traffic to their sites. Videos increase the likelihood of a front-page Google search result by 96% with proper page optimisation, according to Forrester research. To increase your business’s search relevancy, Google helps return results to search queries, hence covering as much information as possible.

According to Internet Retailer, products which have videos are 85% more likely to be purchased. There are many ways to boost Search Engine Optimisation: o Geotag video combines the functions of Google Map and YouTube, which offered an advanced option for searching for videos. After uploading the video on YouTube, businesses could “geotag” the video to associate it with the geocoordinates of the business location and get access to the videos that are uploaded via a layer in Google Maps and YouTube. Additionally, the YouTube Trends Map displays the most popular videos on a map.

o Metadata is used to categorise and helps Google and YouTube categorise the video at the right places for viewers, which would give business a great chance of obtaining a place on the first page of the search on YouTube.

o Name, Address and Phone number: It is recommended that you state your business name, address and telephone number in the video’s audio as it may be automatically converted into the text transcripts by Google’s systems.

o Description Field Utilisation: Providing a short biography of the company and contents of the video, along with mentioning the company’s address, website, city location and phone number in the description text can draw consumers in.

o Tag videos: The keyword tags that businesses can put on the video websites are one of the ‘secret weapons’ for SEO.

o Google Places and Google+ Local Page: adding videos in Google Places can give direct information to potential customers. Business and their employees can share the videos on the company’s Google+ streams.

o Embedding the video: The number of embeds of the business video is another indicator of its popularity. It is found that the embed code can enable the videos to be shown elsewhere when uploading the videos on YouTube.

o Social Media Marketing Integration: Promoting videos on the social media platform increases the views of the video, which helps to rank them higher.

o Response to comments: Responding promptly to comments on the videos that have been published can help to build their ranking in the search.

o Regular publishing: Publishing videos on a regular basis improves ranking in the search algorithm.

According to online marketing expert Jeff Bullas, 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, or one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second.


Online video is now a common way to promote businesses and products as well as build a brand. When combined with the most cost-effective way in engagement of SEO, potential customers can easily find the products or services they want, therefore making tremendous profits for companies. Call us on 01509 410 365 to discuss YOUR needs today .

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