Leicester Fanzine Reaches 1.6 million

100%LCFC is the biggest online fanzine for Leicester City, and with the new world wide interest in The Foxes, the fanzine has been delivering some amazing numbers.

With a strong Twitter and You Tube following, it is without doubt FACEBOOK which 100%LCFC is strongest in.

With 30,000 followers in October 2015, the fanzine has seen this treble to over 103,000 followers to the facebook page.

Hollogram is pleased to have helped deliver the content and social media push to deliver this for 100%LCFC.

The increase in traffic is best studied by seeing the reach of the posts on Facebook. Some of the most recent posts have hit over 1million people and the site has been adding between 300-1000 new followers a week recently.

So if you are looking for an increase in YOUR social media traffic, our advice is quite simple, give us a call, and we will be happy to sit down and look at the right content we can create, and the best way to share it with your customers... new and old !

Check out 100%LCFC from their website


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