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With the launch of Diesel’s exciting and energetic #JoggJeans campaign, the creative retail design team  have assisted the process by integrating digital retail displays across Diesel’s UK stores. The retail installation is featured in Diesel’s ‘denim area’ with its content showcasing the #JoggJeans viral video, the ‘A-Z of Dance.’

Working to a tight deadline to meet the launch date, our ‘design to reality’ process took just 15 days. In this time frame, the team worked from their initial concept all the way through designing, building, prototyping and installing the retail installation throughout UK Diesel stores.

The retail installation is a premium unit that showcases a large format HD screen, making all content displayed eye catching and enticing for customers. This digital retail display also has access to a remote content management system which can be accessed with a 4G remote device. This means that with just a few clicks of a button, any content being displayed in the digital retail displays can be changed across Diesel stores, even across the world!

Diesel’s digital retail display is completely mobile – designed on lockable castors, the display can be easily and safely moved to different locations. All of the tech is neatly and securely stored in a lockable hatch at the back of the display, making it safe to display for customers.

By investing in  Digital Retail Displays, Diesel will now have a constant method of advertising and promoting campaigns with content that is interchangeable at a few clicks of a button. These stylish, sleek and informative displays can be used continuously as their lifespan are limitless – unlike print displays that have to be reproduced and replaced.

As creative retail technology experts, we are delighted with the results for Diesel’s digital content for retail. By integrating digital retail displays across their UK stores, Diesel can now showcase unlimited digital content to their shoppers, adding to a tech, interactive experience for each customer that visits their stores.

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